Diving in South Australia is different than anywhere else in the world. The water is warm in summer and very clear in winter, there is an extreme biodiversity and a lot of different marine life for you to see. You need not look any further to find all you need to know to dive in the temperate waters of South Australia

Boat Charters

Read here about the Nauti-Nomad, the dive boat being used by The Dive Shack for boat diving all over South Australia. Also check what to bring when you’re next going on a boat dive!


Local Conditions

Read everything you want to know about the state of South Australia, the weather and the local diving conditions. Learn the differences in conditions between winter and summer and what kind of diving you can expect in Adelaide and its surroundings dive sites.


Local Dive Clubs

Adelaide is home to many scuba diving clubs. Check out The Dive Club, our affiliated club, if you’re currently looking for a dive club or if you’re just curious what’s on offer!


Local Dive Sites

Check out our Local Dive Sites page. All the known dive sites can be found on these pages along with ratings, depths, information and pictures.


Local Marine Life

Wondering what that fish with that horseshoe on the side was? Or just curious what roams in the South Australian waters? Take a look at our local marine life page to see what you can expect down here.



Thinking about making a dive trip? Wanting to escape to some warmer waters? Check out what The Dive Shack has got on offer at the moment. We are always offering a local trip, an interstate trip and an international trip so you’ve got plenty of options!