The Dive Shack regularly conducts scuba diving holidays for all levels of scuba divers. We travel throughout the whole state, as well as interstate and internationally! Whether you’re looking for a weekend away to Whyalla to see the majestic Giant Australian Cuttlefish (by the thousands!) or a two-week trip to any of the tropical islands in the Pacific, The Dive Shack is where you’ll find what you’re after!


Local Travel

Thinking about a long weekend on the Yorke Peninsula, a cuttlefish weekend at Whyalla, diving the clearest waters in the world at Ewens Ponds in the South East or a couple of days at Kangaroo Island? Contact The Dive Shack to see when and where we are going next or let us know where you would like to go! We are able to tailor a weekend to suit individuals or groups as well. Let us know where you would like to go, for how long, with how many people, what equipment you’re going to need and if you would like it to be a private happening or if everyone is invited.

Interstate Travel

Join The Dive Shack on our scuba diving adventures all over Australia. How about a liveaboard on the amazing Great Barrier Reef or a whaleshark snorkel on the Ningaloo Reef? Got an idea of where you would like your next scuba diving adventure to take place? We are happy to take suggestions or assist with organising an interstate diving trip for individuals or groups. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquiry regarding your next diving adventure!

International Travel

Imagine yourself lazing back in your hammock sipping on a tropical delight, wUpei Reef Travel, The Dive Shack, snorkel safari, Adelaide, scuba, diving, snorkelling, spearfishing, freedivingatching the sun go down as you ponder on your days diving adventures. You can’t wait to get up and continue diving searching for Nemo or spectacular wrecks in the clear warm waters of your diving destination. Literally living the dream!

What will it be: Thailand, Vanuatu, Philippines, Egypt? Where would you like to go? Please contact any of our friendly shop or dive team members about our or your next planned international diving adventure! We are able to assist in the planning of the trip and get you in touch with the best dive centres in any country!

Up Coming Trips