Go on a Leafy Sea Dragon Tour with The Dive Shack

and explore one of the best spots in the world to see this amazing creature!

South Australia is world famous as a diving destination because of it’s marine emblem: The Leafy Sea Dragon. The name of the Leafy Sea Dragon is derived from it’s magical appearance, that serves as perfect camouflage in it’s natural habitat, the southern coasts of Australia. They are larger than most sea horses, growing to about 20 – 24 cm (8 – 10 inch) and feed on plankton and small crustaceans.

The tour includes 1 or 2 guided dives, transport and hire of any diving equipment you will need. We run the tours to accommodate you; if you have a date in mind we can organize the tour for that day!*

The Leafy Sea Dragon can only be found in Australia’s Southern Waters, so contact the shop and don’t miss out on seeing this magnificent creature up close

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* A minimum of 2 days notice is required to have adequate time to make arrangements for your tour.

Call the shop on (08) 8371 5822 to book a tour with us!


Single Dive: $190

Double Dive: $250