Aqua Lung Technisub Heliox Purge Midi

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Aqua Lung Technisub Heliox Purge Midi Snorkel

Carefully designed and made from a non-allergenic material, it enables long stays in the water thanks to the use of a comfortable, orthodontic silicon mouthpiece supported by a swivel element that makes it possible to optimise the position. Heliox comes with a spray-proof end on the top of the bore to reduce the possibility of water entering.

A new exhaust valve placed on the lower section ensures complete draining without annoying water residue and halves the time and effort needed for breathing.

The snorkel retainer features the exclusive lever system so connection to and removal from the mask is simple and immediate.
For those of you who prefer simplicity, while retaining the features of comfort and reliability, Heliox is also available in a version without valve.

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