Clean Air fills – Because nothing but the best will do

SCUBA cylinders should only be filled with air from diving air compressors or with otherAir fills, the dive shack, snorkel safari, adelaide, scuba, diving, snorkelling, spearfishing, freediving
breathing gases using gas blending techniques. The Dive Shack has a state-of-the-art air fill station for your convenience.

Four tank fill stations for both DIN and standard yoke tanks means that you can get fills in a hurry.

Breathing industrial compressed gases can be lethal because the high pressure increases the effect of any impurities in them. MBKS Group ensures the highest quality breathing air is filling your cylinder. This means that we are monitored by an independent source and that every 3 months the air you breathe is tested to ensure the highest quality air possible because there is no place for second-best at The Dive Shack!

Don’t dive, but still want a fill? The Dive Shack regularly fills cylinders for air rifle use as well.

Please Note: Keeping your cylinders slightly pressurized at all times reduces the possibility of contaminating the inside of the cylinder with corrosive agents; such as sea water or toxic material such as oils, poisonous gases, fungi or bacteria. Have a cylinder visually inspected at least once a year and more frequently if you use it heavily, have it filled in a humid environment or if a tank is drained completely. In South Australia, tanks must be hydrostatically tested annually to ensure the integrity of the tank walls. See our maintenance and servicing page for more tips and information.