Apeks SPG & Compass

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Apeks SPG & Compass Combo

(Includes hose & boot)

Apeks new range of quality, accurate and stylish gauges and gauge consoles now includes a compact and unique Pressure Gauge and Compass combination. The pressure (contents) gauge offers a range from 0 to 360 bar and is also available in imperial version to 5000 PSI. Details about the contents gauge can be found on this website under “Contents Gauge and Housing”.

On the reverse of this combination the Apeks compass is perfect for diver navigation. This unique compass is designed for ease of reading and diver comfort. For example there are 2 viewing windows so the unit can be set up for left or right handed use, at an angle which is set as the natural extension of the arm. This means that divers do not have to twist their wrist into an unnatural shape to view compass readings. For more details about the compass unit please look at the page on this website about the “2 plus 1 Instrument Combo”.