Atomic B2 Regulator Set


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The Atomic B2 Regulator is ergonomically designed to be the world’s most comfortable second stage. The Atomic B2 Regulator is the next generation of the highly acclaimed Atomic B1 regulator. The Atomic B2 Regulator has received more accolades from the diving press and independent test reviews than any other regulator in history for both performance and ergonomics.

The Atomic B2 Regulator shares the identical first and second stage design and performance as the T1, the most notable difference being the metal (titanium) used in the T1. The Atomic B2 Regulator matches the industry’s only all-titanium second stage with a compact high performance first stage of chrome plated brass and type 316 stainless steel. The second stage is so light in your mouth it almost floats.

  • Nitrox ready: Factory ready for Nitrox to 40%.
  • Compact first stage design: Features 5-port low-pressure swivel and exclusive “Jet Seat” piston design.
  • All titanium second stage construction: The industry’s only second stage featuring all-titanium construction for the ultimate in corrosion resistance and light in weight to eliminate jaw fatigue.

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