Cressi Master Frog

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Cressi Master Frog Fins

The first strap-on fin, moulded using the exclusive and patented Cressi system with 3 materials.

The blade is made from strong polypropylene with unequalled reactivity, stringers and reinforcements are moulded from resistant copolymer, while the foot pocket is made from soft, comfortable thermo-rubber (elastomer).

The rather long blade, deriving directly from the Gara 2000 model, makes it possible to get the most out of the exceptional flexible-propulsive power of the material.

The foot pocket is computer designed and highly anatomic, guaranteeing perfect blockage of the foot and enabling ideal transmission of the leg-fin thrusts.

Master Frog is the thoroughbred of the Cressi range, in the category of open-heel fins. Its power is proverbial, also due to the lightness of the fin that reduces the inertial masses to the minimum, to the full advantage of the thrust-performance ratio. This is the favourite fin of instructors, professionals, technical divers, who find a propulsion tool without equals, ready to push ahead like a galloping horse even in the toughest diving situations. The absence of side stringers in the final section of the blade makes it possible to sideslip the fin easily in the water, alternating strong strides with breaststroke to break up the continuity of the strain and to be able to kick indefinitely.

Technical features

Size Length Width Height Length blade Weight *
S/M 66 cm 21.5 cm 9.5 cm 40.5 cm 770 g
M/L 70 cm 23 cm 10 cm 42.5 cm 880 g
L/XL 73.5 cm 23.5 cm 10 cm 44.5 cm 910 g

* individual fin, strap included

Available Colors:
Black only

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