SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty

When people talk about a “good diver”, that usually means that that particular person is able to move fairly smooth under water, without touching the bottom or the reef. If you would like to become that diver, the SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty course is a great step in this direction! It is a fact that improving your buoyancy skills comes with experience, but taking this course will do a whole lot more than experience will. During the course, you will learn about the equipment for buoyancy, controlling your buoyancy by using special buoyancy techniques and about your contribution to the underwater world by having perfect buoyancy control! So, if you want to be that “good diver” everyone talks about, start working on your buoyancy control by taking the Perfect Buoyancy Specialty course.

Course Fee:

AUD$215.- A $100 deposit will secure your place on the course, with the balance due on the first day.


Open Water Diver (or Junior Open Water Diver) certification and a current diving medical (within the last 12 months).


Course Outline:

The course consists of a pool session, classroom workshop and 2 dives in 1 weekend.


– All air fills
– All learning materials (manuals, slates, etc.)
– Instruction
– Specialty certification card
– Two shore or boat dives


Equipment Requirements:

Full SCUBA Gear*


Whistle or Surface Marker Bouy (SMB).

* Please note that it is recommended that you use your own equipment when participating in this course. Snorkel Safari Adelaide’s friendly shop and dive team members are happy to assist you in choosing your equipment. However, if you would rather hire your equipment, you can do so at a cost of $50.00 for the duration of the course.