Computer Diving Specialty

The SSI Computer Diving Specialty course is designed to make you understand dive computers. Learning how to plan your dive with a dive table is extremely important, because it will develop an understanding of the decompression theory. However, the modern diver doesn’t dive a square profile, but instead goes multi-level diving, which can only be planned with a special type of table or a dive computer. This course will show you how to prepare yourself and your equipment for multi-level dives, the medical aspects of multi-level diving, how to use a dive computer and the emergency procedures for multi-level-diving.


Course Fee:

AUD$215.- A $100 deposit will secure your place on the course, with the balance due on the first day.



Open Water Diver (or Junior Open Water Diver) certification and a current diving medical (within the last 12 months).



– All learning materials (manuals, slates, etc.)
– Instruction
– Specialty certification card


Equipment Requirements:

Full SCUBA Gear and Dive Computer*



Whistle or Surface Marker Bouy (SMB).

* Please note that it is recommended that you use your own equipment when participating in this course. Snorkel Safari Adelaide’s friendly shop and dive team members are happy to assist you in choosing your equipment or dive computer. However, if you would rather hire your equipment, you can do so at a cost of $50.00 for the duration of the course. A dive computer will be provided on request for the duration of the course.