SSI Wreck Diving Specialty

card---spec-wreckWith over 800 wrecks in our South Australian waters, the SSI Wreck Diving Specialty course is a program that’s well worth taking! Diving on a wreck is diving in the past and will always be an amazing experience. When gliding down towards the captain’s bridge while seeing a big ship from a bird’s perspective, there’s always a certain thrill, as diving on a wreck is very exciting. However, there are some potential risks in wreck diving too, but with the right training it will become a great adventure! During the Wreck Diving Specialty course you will learn how to locate wrecks and how to prepare to dive them. You will learn correct wreck diving techniques and learn ways to evaluate and avoid the potential risks while diving on wrecks. Open the door to new dive sites and excitement by taking the Wreck Diving Specialty today!


Course Fee:

AUD$495.- A $100 deposit will secure your place on the course, with the balance due on the first day.



Open Water Diver (or Junior Open Water Diver) certification and a current diving medical (within the last 12 months).


Course Outline:

The course consists of 4 open water dives and 2 theory sessions.



– All air fills
– All learning materials (manuals, slates, etc.)
– Four boat dives
– Instruction
– Specialty certification card


Equipment Requirements:

Full SCUBA Gear*



Gloves, Knife, Primary and Backup Lights, Reel, Underwater Slate and a Whistle or Surface Marker Bouy (SMB).

* Please note that it is recommended that you use your own equipment when participating in this course. Snorkel Safari Adelaide’s friendly shop and dive team members are happy to assist you in choosing your equipment. However, if you would rather hire your equipment, you can do so at a cost of $50.00 for the duration of the course.

Nationally Accredited Training


The competency you will receive from this course is:
  • SROSCB021A Complete Wreck Dives

The above unit/s is from the SRO03 Outdoor Recreation training Package


SROSCB001A Perform scuba dive’s to a maximum depth of 18 metres
SR0SCB002A Complete Specialty Open Water Dives