Fourth Element Thermocline Mens Leggings



Fourth Element Thermocline Mens Leggings

The Thermocline neutrally buoyant system represents an evolution in thermal protection, using state of the art materials to maximise performance without compromising on comfort.

Thermocline also provides a solution for many people who suffer from neoprene allergies by reducing contact between the skin and the wetsuit

Get the thermal performance of a 2mm neoprene suit, without the neoprene. This is the ultimate warm water-wetsuit. Neutrally buoyant, machine washable, breathable, lightweight and hypoallergenic, the Thermocline Long Sleeve Top combines our experience with high technology fabrics and design with our passion for diving to provide a more comfortable and convenient diving experience. The comfort is not limited to the dive however. The breathable fabric ensures that the wearer is more comfortable when fully kitted up and waiting to get into the water. Weighing less than 1kg, the Top is ideal for travelling divers, keen to keep baggage to a minimum. It is fully machine washable so can easily be kept fresh and clean between trips. The fabric is neutrally buoyant, allowing less lead to be worn and it dries quickly, even during the surface interval. Available in Men’s and Women’s styles.

Great for Neoprene Allergies

Thermocline garments have been very successful in helping people with neoprene skin allergy to continue to enjoy their diving. The lightweight neutrally buoyant wetsuit system can be used instead of a traditional neoprene wetsuit for warm water diving, or it can be used underneath a neoprene suit to provide an effective barrier to skin contact. Allergic reaction to neoprene is generally ascribed to the accelerants used to manufacture the man-made rubber (i.e., thiurams, carbamates, thioureas, thiazoles). While not life-threatening, if left mismanaged or untreated, these reactions can cause permanent damage to the patient/user’s skin. Therefore, an accurate and complete diagnosis is essential and if it occurs, a doctor should be consulted.

Please note that in some cases the allergy may be so severe that thermocline may not be 100% effective. It is impossible for us to know this without detailed assessment from a doctor, and results for individuals do vary. However, most people have found that using thermocline alleviates if not eliminates their symptoms.

The Thermocline range does not involve any of these accelerants and many neoprene skin allergy sufferers have been helped by using Thermocline.

Mens Sizes

Sizes Height Chest Waist Inside Leg*
Inches Cm Inches Cm Inches Cm Inches Cm
S Short 5’5″-5’8″ 165-172.5 34-38″ 86-96 27-30.5″ 68-78 30-31.5″ 76-80
S 5’7″-5’10” 170-178 34-38″ 86-96 27-30.5″ 68-78 31-32.5″ 79-83
M Short 5’7″-5’10” 170-178 38-41.5″ 96-106 30.5-34.5″ 78-88 31-32.5″ 79-83
M 5’9″-6’0″ 175.5-183 38-41.5″ 96-106 30.5-34.5″ 78-88 32.5-34″ 82-86
L Short 5’9″-6’0″ 175.5-183 41.5-45.5″ 106-116 34.5-38.5″ 88-98 32.5-34″ 82-86
L 5’11”-6’2″ 180.5-188 41.5-45.5″ 106-116 34.5-38.5″ 88-98 33.5-35″ 85-89
XL 6’1″-6’4″ 185.5-193 45.5-49.5″ 116-126 38.5-42.5″ 98-108 34.5-36″ 88-92
XXL 6’3″-6’6″ 190.5-198 49.5-53.5″ 126-136 42.5-46.5″ 108-118 36-37.5″ 91-95
XXXL 6’5″-6’8″ 195.5-203 53.5-57.5″ 136-146 46.5-50.5″ 118-128 37-38.5″ 94-98

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