Probe iDRY Semi-Dry 5mm Mens


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Probe iDry 5mm Mens Wetsuit

The Probe iDry range are quoted as “THE WORLD’S FAST DRYING DIVE SUIT” drying in minutes and are incredibly warm!

Imagine never having to put on a wet, cold dive suit ever again! That’s now a reality with the new iDRY semi-dry dive suits!

Exclusive to Probe Wetsuits, the revolutionary “QUICK-DRY TECHNOLOGY” fleece inner lining not only dries super fast! Its also super warm, super flexible, super comfortable and makes the suit super easy to slide on and off over your skin.

A major warmth advantage of the “QUICK-DRY TECHNOLOGY” fleece lining is that it performs similar to wearing a fleece thermal undergarment under your entire suit. Providing you with extra “built-in” warmth and saving you money on the need for undergarments.

The 5mm iDRY has been fully tested under CE en14225-1 Thermal Performance Classification and is rated as suitable for use in water temperatures of between 16 – 24°C / 60.8 – 75.2°F.

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