Sharkshield – Scuba 7


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The Shark Shield SCUBA7 is a compact, versatile and light weight personal shark deterrent system, which allows you to explore and enjoy the oceans without fear. Depending on the type of diving you’re doing, please also consider if the FREEDOM7, but whatever you’re doing you’ll know your protected by the world’s only proven and tested shark deterrent technology.

The SCUBA7 unit differs from the universal FREEDOM7 unit in several ways to suit the specific requirements of working in shallow inter-tidal zones. The unit incorporates a much shorter mesh antenna and an additional electrode pad, which have been designed to cause minimum water resistance and drag on the user.

The antenna and electrode pad are required to be fully submerged in salt water to function and once this happens the electrode within the antenna and the electrode pad will emit a protective electric field. The user simply attaches the main unit to their ankle region with the supplied Velcro pouch. The additional electrode pad is then strapped to the Scuba tank.

The SCUBA7 is a compact, versatile and light weight personal shark deterrent system which allows you to enjoy the oceans without fear and you know it works because it’s made by the world leader in electronic shark deterrent technology.

Shark Shield’s technology has been independently tested and proven to be an effective deterrent against shark attacks, and our patented design is based on scientific research accumulated over 20 years with the world’s leading experts on predatory sharks.

Contents include: Shark Shield SCUBA7 unit, 0.7m antenna, Stainless steel metal plate antenna with velco tank attachments, Velcro pouch, and Universal charger (suits any voltage or frequency).


We encourage people to wear Shark Shield when working in or enjoying the ocean to minimize the risk of shark attacks, but sharks can be dangerous and often unpredictable creatures. While extensive testing has been done and great care taken to develop and manufacture the Shark Shield range of products, it is impossible to guarantee that all sharks will be deterred under all circumstances. Water based activities in the presence of sharks is inherently dangerous and is not recommended therefore we recommend that if a shark is sighted that the user leaves the water.

A large pulsing current is emitted from the Shark Shield antenna to produce the protective electric field. When unintentionally coming near or in contact with the antenna it is possible that muscle spasms can occur to various degrees and therefore the user may need to make adjustments to limit contact (for more information refer to FAQ’s “will I get an electric shock).

In addition anyone with a pacemaker, are pregnant, or has a health condition that could be effected by the electric field should not use the device. Such health conditions include heart disease, a history of heart problems, peripheral vascular decease, and stroke, a history of fainting or epilepsy, or lung disease.