Corrective Lens LHS Tusa Intega



Corrective Lens Tusa Intega – Left

If you are in search of optical lenses for your existing dive mask, or you are looking to upgrade your mask and require optical lenses, you may be tempted to look no further and consider the all new Tusa Intega.

After years of research and development, TUSA has gone above and beyond creating a mask skirt that adapts to your face. Featuring a 3D SYNQ Fitting Ring that adapts to the divers face creating a seal like no other mask. Large or small, wide or narrow, long or short, the TUSA Intega has you covered.

Available in a range of colours and is the perfect mask for any keen snorkeller or diver alike.

The factory made optical lenses allows the diver to choose right and left lens powers in both a variety of diopters for maximum flexibility and for a custom fit.

MC-211 Corrective Lenses (Left)

+1, +1.5, +2, +2.5, +3, +3.5, +4, +4.5 / -1, -1.5, -2, -2.5, -3, -3.5, -4, -4.5, -5, -5.5, -6, -6.5, -7, -7.5, 8

MC-211 Corrective Lenses (Right)

+1, +1.5, +2, +2.5, +3, +3.5, +4, +4.5 / -1, -1.5, -2, -2.5, -3, -3.5, -4, -4.5, -5, -5.5, -6, -6.5, -7, -7.5, 8

BF-211 Reading Lenses (Left)

+1, +1.5, +2, +2.5, +3, +3.5, +4, +4.5

BF-211 Reading Lenses (Right)

+1, +1.5, +2, +2.5, +3, +3.5, +4, +4.5

Tusa Intega Mask



TUSA has developed a unique Fitting Ring that has been built into the Mask Skirt. This technology enables the Mask Skirt to mold to all face shapes providing the perfect fit, seal, and underwater experience.

TUSA has designed the perfect buckle and mask strap. The NEW low profile buckle is slim and light weight. The easy adjustment buckle and strap is silent and effortless when making adjustments.
Freedom Technology is a set of technologies to enhance fit and performance exclusive to TUSA. Freedom model masks feature a dimpled skirt surface with varied silicone thicknesses and stability ridges in addition to a proprietary low-friction skirt surface on the fitting line.

The TUSA Freedom Intega mask features an exciting new design that fits everyone! After years of research, TUSA has developed a unique mask skirt that adapts to your face using a 3D SYNQ fitting ring that adapts to the diver’s face, whether it be small, large, wide or narrow.

TUSA’s patented 3D Strap is a true three-dimensional design that snugly fits against the head’s natural curvature. The 3D strap offers unprecedented comfort and fit, unlike standard flat mask straps.
TUSA’s Round Edge Skirt features a proprietary round edge cross-sectionally shaped skirt. This rounded edge results in a soft fit that suppresses pressure and reduces creasing left on the face. The “planar fit, instead of linear fit” silicone skirt maintains great fit and unprecedented comfort.

Additional information

Lens Strength

N/A, +1, +1.5, +2, +2.5, +3, +3.5, +4, +4.5, -1, -1.5, -2, -2.5, -3, -3.5, -4, -4.5, -5, -5.5, -6, -6.5, -7, -7.5, 8